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As an independent news agency, the German Press Agency dpa sees itself as a critical and detached observer. Our mission is to grasp the essence of a news event before reporting it swiftly, concisely and truthfully. Along with an unrivalled network of correspondents in Germany, dpa maintains bureaux in more than 80 countries. In addition to our domestic German-language services, we offer world news in English, Spanish and Arabic.

dpa’s editorial teams provide customised services to the world's media markets. Our clients range from daily newspapers, magazines, television broadcasters, radio stations and online portals through to national news agencies, national and international parliaments, governments, parties, organisations and companies. All of them make use of our wide selection of multimedia projects ranging from texts to photographs and from graphics to audio content.

Reliability is our byword. Among around 1,000 employees worldwide, more than 600 are journalistic staff. The agency also employs many freelance journalists.

dpa international

dpa international enables access to dpa's vast library of texts, pictures and graphics. It provides customers with real-time search facilities as well as quick searches of archive material.

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