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Graphics material from dpa is produced and coordinated by the dpa Infografik GmbH subsidiary which specialises in graphic content for print and online media. The bulk of the graphics output is closely linked to the content of dpa's other services, ensuring that almost every graphic produced can be linked to text, photographic or video content.

Our graphics experts also set their own agenda. Complex background information can often be understood much better if it is presented in visual form. In addition, the interactive flash graphics available provide welcome relief from the wealth of traditional media content.


dpa infographics in English and Spanish

  • dpa infographics – up-to-the-minute illustrations of daily news
  • Globus infographics – visualised background information on current affairs as well as economic, social, scientific and environmental issues

From economics to politics to sports, dpa Infographics illustrate the major news events of the day in a characteristic non-sensational style.

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dpa offers a premium selection of still graphics with international content which complement clients' existing graphics sources and add instructive illustrations to their news reporting. The accompanying graphic often conveys the implications of a certain event more explicitly than words – whether the topic is an environmental or natural disaster, a political crisis or a conflict. Other typical subjects include economic highs and lows, the medical impacts of new drugs or the shape of a grand prix racing circuit.

dpa Infographics relies on the experience of the dpa group of companies. dpa's wholly-owned subsidiary dpa Infografik GmbH has been the market leader in Germany for decades. It has developed a characteristic, non-sensational style and stands for the effective combination of in-depth information and graphic illustration in a reliable and recognisable manner.

The graphics are available in jpeg and eps format, allowing clients to download and use them as provided. The texts with the usual graphics software can be edited for translation into any language. All graphics are provided via the internet.

Produced by dpa subsidiary and German market leader dpa Infografik GmbH, the service features still graphics which illustrate the top events of the day. Some 50 graphics a month are offered, covering all the classical news categories. The graphics are produced in standard graphics software format and are editable in regular graphics software.

dpa infographics

covering all classical news categories


From Football to Formula One to Olympic Games to the Grand Slam tournaments – dpa-SportsLive is the ticket to the virtual arena on the internet and supplies your internet visitors with all the action and excitement which key sporting encounters have to offer. With dpa-SportsLive the user receives information in real-time.

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Using dpa-SportsLive, users can profit from watching sports events on television and by tracking their progress online at the same time. Fascinating background facts and figures are embedded in innovative content elements. Along with the obligatory text tickers and summary tables, dpa-SportsLive features the graphic and analytic processing of sports events as they take place. dpa-SportsLive clients can easily incorporate branding which gives them wide scope in financing the costs of the service. The application can easily be adapted to existing CI’s and also enable clients to create their own text tickers.

dpa-SportsLive is produced by the dpa-infocom, the multimedia division of dpa German Press Agency. dpa-infocom develops and produces multimedia news products for the web, mobile portals and print purposes. dpa-SportsLive is available as flash and for football applications as an html version.


An interactive Flash application for the English Premier League.

Formula 1

An interactive Flash application for this year's F1 opener.

dpa international

dpa international enables access to dpa's vast library of texts, pictures and graphics. It provides customers with real-time search facilities as well as quick searches of archive material.

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