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Data Privacy Protection Statement

When you visit this site our web server temporarily records the domain name or IP address of the enquiring computer along with the URLs consulted, the access date and duration, the file name and the website from which you are visiting us.

Personal data which goes beyond this scope, such as your name, address, telephone number or E-Mail address, is not collected, uneless you expressly consent to such disclosures within the framework of a registration, the processing of a contract or participation in a competition.

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We do not pass on your data to third parties either for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The personal data you provide is generally used only for maintaining internal site statistics and for the processing of a customer contract with you and for enquiries.

Personal data which you transmit to us is used only for product-related customer satisfaction surveys, invititations to dpa-functions, the transmission of our newsletter and for market research purposes. That is uneless you maintain business links with dpa or dissent to the use of personal data in accordance with legal rights.

Your data will not passed on third parties without your consent uneless it is required for contractual processing.

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As a rule we do not make use on our website of the technology known as “cookies”. We do not maintain personal surfer profiles and only make use of cookies – text files which our website sends to your browser and which are then indexed in your computer – in exceptional circumstances. These cookies do not include personal data.

If we need to store personal data in a cookie for any reason we will seek your permission beforehand. Futhermore we point out that the cookie administration feature of most browsers enable users to enable or disable cookies.


dpa pledges to undertake all the technical and organisational measures necessary in order to safeguard against the loss and/or abuse of your personal data. Such information is stored in a secure environment outside the public access domain. In certain cases your personal data will be encryted during transmission using Secure Socket Layer-Technology (SSL). This means that communication between your server and our servers, for instance in the case of the transmission of contract containing your business details, will make use of this validated encryption process, provided your browser supports SSL.

We are of course happy to supply written details on request of the personal data stored by dpa, such as your real name and address.


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Please contact our data privacy protection director if you have any questions related to your personal data.

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