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As one of the world's leading international news agencies dpa maintains four editorially-independent but closely linked networks of bureaux, correspondents and staff around the globe.

Commercial and strategic cooperation agreements with national and international partners complement these operations, leading to a merging of strengths from which the customer benefits.


The Daily Telegraph News Service

The Daily Telegraph is one of the UK’s best-selling quality daily newspaper with a long established history of over 150 years and is unique in having maintained its broadsheet format. The daily figures show that The Telegraph is read by 2.3 million people per day - The newspaper also has over 320,000 subscribers.

The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and The Telegraph are known for their award-winning, investigative editorial. The newspaper’s outstanding line-up of distinguished journalists, columnists and bloggers, have led to The Daily Telegraph previously winning both the coveted Newspaper of the Year and Scoop of The Year awards.

dpa's Global Media Services syndicates the Telegraph's Daily Report on a world-wide basis.

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The ‘Telegraph Report’ from Telegraph Syndication is a supplementary quality wire service to the ‘hard news’ services from larger more prolific US-based syndicates and provides analysis, background and comment articles on the major stories each day. It offers a clear alternative delivering a view of the world from a different perspective.

A quick and accessible service, the Telegraph Report allows publishers around the world to harness the resources of Britain’s top quality broadsheet to add further authority to their coverage at a fraction of the original commissioning cost. Our Wire Editors select up to 25 stories daily (world news, comment, analysis, background, features, sport, business, science, fashion and more) from our reporters in London and our bureaus in Paris, New York, Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Brussels, Berlin, Baghdad, Delhi and Bangkok and send them on the eve of publication in our newspapers.

  •  ”Interviews”: The Telegraph gains quality interviews with big names in the world of entertainment, business, sport and science, amongst others. Recent interviews include Steven Spielberg, Jessica Chastain, Bill Gates, Damian Lewis, Roger Federer, Baz Luhrman, John le Carre, JJ Abrams, Roberto Cavalli, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.
  • “Sports “: The Telegraph’s sports desk is now integrated to include the Daily, Sunday and online editions, giving up-to-the-minute coverage. Writers are led by award winning football writer Henry Winter, Derek Pringle on cricket, Mick Cleary, Alan Smith and Paul Ackford on rugby and Jim White, with his humorous sporting insights.
  • “Business“: The business sections are famous for their accurate and insightful coverage, provided by an award-winning team of journalists, including Kamal Ahmed, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Jeremy Warner, economics editor Edmund Conway and our business correspondents in London, Wall St and Hong Kong.
  • “Science “: The Telegraph covers science and medicine for the general reader. The Telegraph also runs a regular Health section, with specialist writers,  featuring the latest health news and advice. The latest science news covering new discoveries, space, earth and technology are available in this service, too.  It also presents the latest trends in mobile telecom and high tech.
  • “Fashion“: The Telegraph`s knowledgeable and varied fashion pages feature interviews with all the biggest names in fashion, such as Anna Wintour, Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford, to name but a few. The Telegraph‘s expert editors and contributors select the best fashion, accessories and beauty products from the high street to the catwalk  and present their results.
  •  “Telegraph Traveller “: The Telegraph Traveller is a weekly service, delivering the very best of travel journalism from the Telegraph’s award winning travel sections.  Engrossing in-depth features, invaluable travel advice, destination guides and hotel reviews covering the world’s most exciting destinations, are hand selected by our experienced editors - it is perfect for everyone wishing to travel for business, or for pleasure.

ANN – the Asia News Network

In October 2008, dpa started its cooperation with the Asia News Network (ANN), the world's most active newspaper alliance. dpa is ANN's exclusive syndication partner and as such, distributes news and features originating from ANN.

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The ANN was founded in 1999 with the aim of uniting Asian newspapers. Today, the network is an alliance of 21 leading daily newspapers from 19 Asian countries.

The service is a selection of over 50 articles per day from the creme de la creme of Asian newspapers and is available seven days per week. It provides news, in-depth analyses, opinion pieces, commentaries and backgrounds on politics, economics, health and science, culture and entertainment, offering a unique “Asian point of view” on Asian and Global issues. In addition, the ANN service includes features stories, some of which are illustrated.

Newspapers participating in the cooperation

  • Rasmei Kampuchea (Cambodia)
  • China Daily (China)
  • The Statesman (India)
  • The Korea Herald (South Korea)
  • The Star (Malaysia)
  • Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia)
  • The Nation (Thailand)
  • The Straits Times (Singapore)
  • The Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines)
  • China Post (Taiwan)
  • The Straits Times (Singapore)
  • Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia)
  • The Star (Malaysia)
  • China Daily (China)
  • The Korea Harald (South Korea)
  • The Statesman (India)
  • Dawn (Pakistan)
  • The Nation (Thailand)
  • The Kathmandu Post (Nepal)
  • The Island (Thailand)
  • The Daily Star (Bangladesh)
  • The Jakarta Post (Indonesia)
  • Vietnam News (Vietnam)
  • Kuensel (Bhutan)
  • Rasmei Kampuchea (Cambodia)
  • Vientiane Times (Laos)
  • Brunei Times (Brunei)

Monthly football columns in English, Spanish and Arabic

Franz Beckenbauer and César Lius Menotti

Football columns giving an insight into one of the world's most popular sports are an excellent medium to gain customer loyalty. The gms football columns allow your readers an insight into the thoughts and views of two of the sport's best known and most passionate football celebrities.

further information

Franz Beckenbauer and César Luis Menotti comment on the latest developments in the world of football, providing varying points of views on issues including tournaments, matches, backgrounds on coaches and players as well as FIFA news. These football legends can furnish you and your readers with valuable background information and comments as well as insights into upcoming events. gms offers you that certain something for your sports pages while keeping the right amount of exclusiveness in your region.

Franz Beckenbauer started his career in 1954 with amateur club SC Munich 06 but the "Kaiser", as he is affectionately known, spent most of his playing years at Germany's top club Bayern Munich, where he won four Bundesliga titles and three European Cups. His brilliant career also included winning the World Cup as a player in 1974 and in 1990 as coach of the German team. He is a member of the FIFA Executive committee and, in 2006, celebrated the World Cup in Germany as president of the Organizing Committee.

César Luis Menotti started his football career in 1960 at Rosario Central in Argentina. The highlight of his football life came in 1978 when he, as the National Team's coach, led Argentina to the World Cup. Many successful stages as coach of different teams, including Spanish giant Barcelona, complete his unique career in the football industry.

The columns are produced once a month and are exclusive to gms. Each column contains about 600-700 words in 60 to 70 lines and covers the most relevant football events and matches worldwide. The columns are delivered via Email.

PIB Features

PIB Features is one of the leading suppliers of entertaining content to the media in Scandinavia. PIB Features - founded in 1899 - combine longstanding knowhow with the latest features in comic strips, crosswords and puzzles.

further information

dpa global media service offers comic strips and games as extra value to their clients. Via our cooperation with the Danish agency PIB dpa clients get access to fresh unique content.

The desert island is a classical topic in a joke. Robinson proves that the variations are infinite. The most incredible things can happen to a man on a sandbar with a palm tree. Robinson is created by Danish artist Rasmus Julius.

Oswald and Marvin are two dimwit schoolboys. Though they might not be the brightest kids on earth, they are quite cute. Oswald is the energetic and impulsive of the two with Marwin being the brain of the duo, whatever that implies! Oswald is created by Finnish artist Janne Toriseva, who also works as an illustrator for childrens books.

BANG Showbiz Service

BANG Showbiz is an entertainment news agency providing celebrity news to online, print and broadcast media outlets across the globe. BANG was established in 1997 by Fleet Street showbiz columnist Rick Sky – who was entertainment editor on The Sun, Daily Mirror and Daily Star – to serve world media with entertainment stories. BANG derives its superb editorial content from Rick's years of experience and his creation of a team of talented journalists writing news for audiences around the world and across the web.

dpa's Global Media Services syndicates the BANG Showbiz Service on a world-wide basis.

further information

BANG is known for breaking exclusive entertainment news stories. Their up-to-date articles captivate readers world-wide online.
Bang provides the media with latest breaking stories from the world of entertainment – designed for all media formats.

Bang Showbiz Service in English:

  • Up to 80 entertainment news items in English per day from Monday to Friday with several updates. Reduced service at weekends
  • News organised into different feeds to meet all sorts of editorial requirements connecting with the target audience
  • Journalists working across the globe to break the major celebrity stories as they happen - filing those to news desks within the hour they occur
  • Every story includes a printable image of the stars (minimum of 72 dpi)
  • Perfect for any form of media or mobile devices - newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, cell phones, TV and radio
  • Available via email, RSS feed, XML, http pull and FTP
  • Web feeds deliver optimum SEO performance

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