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Text services have been at the core of dpa's business since it was founded in 1949. Today these are not produced exclusively for newspapers and other publications but can be found in a wide range of printed or electronic media.

Coverage includes breaking news, feature material and extensive, in-depth background material. Please view www.dpa-international.com .


dpa international

dpa's central editorial desk in Berlin and regional editorial desks in Washington D.C. and Bangkok – more than 100 correspondents world-wide cover all the daily top news.

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dpa international provides a unique European perspective on world events. News items published in our service cover all classical news agency categories, such as national and international current affairs including politics, finance and economics, sports, general interest issues, entertainment and leisure. In addition, features and background articles from dpa correspondents complement the news wire, as well as unique thematic packages that highlight topics from different angles.


dpa International Service in English
Markgrafenstr. 20
10969 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 2852-31471
Fax: +49 30 2852-31479
Email: international@dpa.com

dpa internacional

dpa's central editorial desk in Madrid and regional editorial desk in Buenos Aires – Spanish native speaker correspondents in all capitals of Latin America, major U.S. cities and across Europe produce up to 200 news items per day.

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dpa internacional provides up-to-the-minute coverage of  global events and caters principally for the needs and interests of the Spanish-speaking world. The news is comprehensive and includes all the classical categories of politics, finance, sport, culture and entertainment .

The service is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and by close customer links. Head office of the service is located in Madrid and from here the flow of news is coordinated and distributed in tandem with an editorial office in Buenos Aires. The news gathering network comprises correspondents in the key Latin American capitals along with their counterparts in major European and North American cities.

dpa internacional provides an extensive reporting portfolio, consisting of roundups, in-depth research pieces, background material, chronologies, portraits, interviews, extended feature articles and analyses.


dpa Agencia Alemana de Prensa S. L.
Calle Orense 36, 1ra. der.
28020 Madrid

Tel.: +34 91 567-2600
Fax: +34 91 567-0565
Email: redaccion[at]dpa.com

dpa international in Arabic

Central editorial desk in Cairo with Arabic language correspondents in the Arab capitals and the PAA produce a tailored service for Arabic language subscribers in the Middle East, with around 220 news items per day.

further information

The dpa International Service in Arabic offers a tailor-made regional coverage in Arabic from 31 news bureaux in Africa and the Middle East with a Central Editorial Desk located in Cairo. The service is built on dpa's successful dpa international with editorial desks in Berlin, Washington D.C. and Bangkok and features all classical news agency categories, such as national and international current affairs including politics, finance and economics, sports, general interest issues, entertainment and leisure. In addition, the Arabic Service strongly benefits from dpa’s German services, covering the complete spectrum of international and national news with an explanatory background on German news affairs.

In-depth reports and expert analyses, complemented by features and background articles, are especially tailored to the needs of dpa's Arabic-language subscribers in the Arab World as well as other regions. Our strong network of experienced Arabic-language correspondents and stringers in the Arab capitals and in the Palestinian territories guarantee customers expert and balanced reporting on the region, with special expertise for European perspectives on regional issues. Moreover, experienced journalist-translators provide a non-stop stream of quick and up-to-date international news.


dpa International Service in Arabic
20 Gamal El Din Abu Al Mahasin
Garden City, Cairo

Tel.: +2022 7956-842
Fax: +2022 7956-318
Email: office-cairo[at]dpa.com

dpa Europadienst in German

Central editorial desk in Berlin and correspondents in over 90 countries worldwide produce the International Service in German with 450–500 stories per day, covering all news categories.

further information

The dpa-Europadienst is Europe’s leading news provider of German-language news material world wide. Among its subscribers are daily newspapers, radio and television broadcasters, governments, ministries, Internet portals and websites and not least Europe’s leading national news agencies. The dpa-Europadienst provides global news in German. It is produced around-the-clock in Hamburg and Berlin and contains between 450 and 500 news items daily garnered from all the classical news categories. Coverage is boosted by separate reporting on German domestic political affairs.

dpa is market leader in the German-speaking world and an accepted authority on European matters. Comprehensive and up-to-the-minute coverage of world events is ensured by an extensive network of staffers and cooperation agreements with leading  news agencies throughout the world. The service interprets global affairs from a European standpoint. News gathering is characterised by reliability, painstaking research and objectivity. Our extensive coverage and the breadth of topics we offer are held in high regard by both customers and partner agencies alike.


Markgrafenstr. 20
10969 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 2852-31133
Fax: +49 30 2852-31280
Email: euro[at]dpa.com

dpa top news

Our multimedia packages on the 30 top news items of the day – from international politics to sports, from human interest to travel features, are now available on our platform: www.dpa-international.com.

further information

dpa top news is not yet another 1,000-stories-a-day service overwhelming your terminals with material you don’t need. Instead, we help make the best use of your precious time by selecting the 30 top topics of the day for you.

Our platform, including text, photos and graphics, allows users to provide direct feedback to our editorial desks on dpa’s coverage.

Many media outlets in Asia have been using dpa material for years. With dpa top news we expand our offer by combining text, photos and graphics with a new editorial focus on Asian topics out of the continent, Germany and Europe. We are also ready to satisfy your requests for special coverage out of Europe.

dpa Insight EU - Your daily EU newsletter

The Grexit crisis, transatlantic free trade, the energy union: All important EU topics are emailed to you in our early morning daily briefing

further information

The new Insight EU Daily Briefing will bring you the most important developments in the bloc every morning, with news, background briefings and a look ahead to key events and decisions. Available in both English and German, the top EU news from Brussels, Strasbourg, Berlin and other capitals will come direct to you whatever platform you use, and wherever you are: at home, on the road, on the way to work or in the office. In one email, you will read all you need to know to be well informed and ready to take decisions: reliable, compact, concise.

Click here to see today’s edition of the newsletter, with news on energy, finance, trade and digital issues, among others.

dpa Feature Services in English, Spanish and Arabic

Portraits of celebrities and countries, stories about the super-rich and the very poor, the latest out of the automobile industry, updates on fashion, food and beauty, advice on computing and travel reports on exotic destinations: the dpa Feature Service provides an international spectrum of topics.

further information

Produced twice per week, dpa features are ideal for use in newspapers and magazines to be included on their international, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, automotive and computer pages. Every issue contains six features, each with a high resolution photo. Article lengths range from 400 to 1,200 words, photo size and word counts are visible before download.

  • High-quality features of international interest illustrated with photos and/or graphics
  • Issued weekly with email alerts detailing the latest features available
  • Access to dpa-archive of more than 600 features

dpa Consumer News Service in Arabic

From the newest car models to the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle – the interests of consumers vary tremendously although they do have one thing in common: They all want to be kept up-to-date

further information

To satisfy their needs dpa has launched a new dpa Consumer News Service in Arabic with effect from July 1st 2009.

The dpa Consumer News Service caters for the media with illustrated features as well as with news and background stories on travel, health, automotive topics and consumer technology. Lifestyle, leisure and career advice round off the package.

Whether a feature is about the Caribbean island Dominica, heart disease or how to deal with certain parenting problems, dpa provides its clients with information based on the agency’s broad-based network of experts.

Produced daily with a weekly output of 50 articles, at least 5 of which are illustrated features, the dpa Consumer News Service in Arabic enhances the lifestyle, health, travel, automotive and technology pages of newspapers and magazines and is also ideal for weekend supplements.

All the texts and photos are archived, so that editors can retrieve them via the internet 24 hours a day. Using a personal login, they can access the feature archive from any computer terminal in the world.

dpa News for Children in Arabic

dpa’s wire service for children in Arabic is issued once per week and includes at least 10 stories as well as pictures and graphics.

further information

The wire service will target children aged six to 10 years and is focusing on communicating information in an entertaining way, with explanatory sidebars and short background pieces that are easily accessible to children. The themes: animals, the environment, technology, but also music, art and history.

dpa international

dpa international enables access to dpa's vast library of texts, pictures and graphics. It provides customers with real-time search facilities as well as quick searches of archive material.

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