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What is dpa Insight EU? 

dpa Insight EU is an intelligent, new and highly-focused information service. It is designed to make EU topics more transparent and represents a key source of knowledge for decision-makers in business and politics. Subscribers receive an ideal combination of innovative dpa formats such alerts, post-event analysis and topic dossiers along with interviews with key figures and profiles of the roles they play. Additional add-ons include a digest of important EU dates and EU personalities. You can profit too from customized info-graphics on EU topics – these will be available in future in various video format.  

The service can be accessed as a data feed via an online-platform and will be available soon as an EU Executive App.

Why dpa?

dpa is one of the most respected German names in the European media sector and a byword for reliable and independent reporting.

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  • dpa supplies both the media and direct customers with up-to-minute information services tailor-made to their specific needs
  • dpa can embed the data flows directly into customer products
  • dpa creates a bridge between urgent news and the latest background information in a format not offered by other media
  • dpa Insight EU complements the classic news agency portfolio to cover the whole width and depth of EU information 

Key aspects

By focusing on the key EU areas of responsibility the dpa-Insight-Teams can cover all the relevant topics – for example:

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  • the Mobility department deals with all issues related to transport links and logistics in Europe
  • the Digital Agenda department reports on the digital transformation sweeping the European economic and political landscape
  • the European Internal Market department  focuses on issues such as standardization, patents and the new Internal Market Act

Individual offers

Customers can choose from a range of dpa Insight EU tariffs and combine service components:

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  • dpa Insight EU Read is the highly-focused, flagship, Monitoring Tool
  • dpa Insight EU Republish is the ideal tool for modern information and knowledge management
  • dpa Insight EU React boosts Public Affairs power and is a valuable asset to all teams concerned with EU politics



Get in touch with:

Vicente Poveda
dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH
Mittelweg 38
20148 Hamburg

Telephone: 040 / 4113-32311
Fax: 040 / 4113-32319
E-Mail: poveda.vicente@dpa.com

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