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dpa news offers you access to dpa's vast fund of knowledge in the form of text, pictures and graphics. It provides customers with real-time research opportunities as well as quick archive searches.

dpa news changes the way in which multimedia content can be accessed and used.

New reports, features and background material along with pictures and graphics are available via one, easily-accessible network, making dpa news particularly useful for editors and content providers.

dpa news is also set to become a key place for content providers to sell and exchange content. Users profit from dpa's know-how and are able to reach a large target group with ease. We process and present your content effectively using the latest cluster procedures, enabling you to host and market your data via the dpa platform.

This new method of linking knowledge will let you provide clients with a user-friendly interface and rapid access to all the necessary content.

dpa news

dpa news enables access to dpa's vast library of texts, pictures and graphics. It provides customers with real-time search facilities as well as quick searches of archive material.

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Graphics and Multimedia

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