dpa is turning 70 years old on August 18, 2019

The German Press Agency (dpa) is turning 70 years old on August 18, 2019 – the same age as the Federal Republic of Germany. The mission laid out by the founders of the agency is still relevant today. Only a few years after the end of the so-called “Third Reich”, that mission was designed to diametrically oppose the brutal propaganda machine of the Nazi regime: “The cultivation of objective news and independence from any governmental, political or economic interest groups will be at the center of the agency.” This was the content of dpa’s very first report, which was sent to the wire in 1949.

dpa has followed our country’s history closely, and has always reported on it reliably and effectively. We’ve reported on the creation of a new state, the first social-liberal coalition, the RAF terrorist group, on Germany’s reunification, the first female chancellor and on the 2014 World Cup victory. dpa has also always represented our country’s view on the world, for instance during the expansion of the European Union, during natural disasters, or on September 11, 2001. 

70 years of independent agency journalism are a valuable heritage for society. It’s our job to take responsible care of that heritage.

Peter Kropsch, CEO and Sven Gösmann, Editor in Chief

What colleagues, partners and customers say about dpa

  • Anindita Ramaswamy, Turkey correspondent
  • Asís Martín de Cabiedes, Director of Europa Press
  • Wael Naguib, Sales Manager Middle East
  • Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management, Volkswagen AG
  • Froben Homburg, News chief at dpa
  • Michael Donhauser, dpa's Washington correspondent

The most iconic photos taken by dpa's photographers

  • Berlin "Raisin bombers"

    Photo: dpa Archive

  • A mild spring day in Frankfurt

    Photo: Richard Koll, dpa

  • Boris Becker's first Wimbledon triumph

    Photo: Rüdiger Schrader/dpa

  • The eight millionth VW Golf

    Photo: dpa archive

  • The fall of the Berlin wall

    Photo: dpa archive

  • Tightrope artist Philippe Petit in Frankfurt

    Photo: dpa archive

  • Christopher Street Day in Frankfurt

    Photo: Boris Roessler, dpa

  • Michael Schumacher celebrating in Imola

    Photo: Gero Breloer, dpa

  • Sister Arntrudis reading the newspaper after the new Pope Benedict XVI. had been elected

    Photo: Federico Gambarini, dpa

  • Thawing in Cologne

    Photo: Christian Ohlig, dpa

  • Angela Merkel and Barack Obama during the G7 conference

    Photo: Michael Kappeler, dpa