The nationwide project #UseTheNews gets to the bottom of young people's news use and literacy and develops new information and educational offerings.

In a News Literacy Lab, new news offerings are designed on the basis of the results of the #UseTheNews study. In addition, under the title Open News Education (ONE), educational offers, teaching materials, and training courses for teachers are being developed to strengthen the teaching of media literacy in schools.

#UseTheNews was initiated by the German Press Agency dpa and the Hamburg Authority for Culture and Media. The project is supported by a board of trustees consisting of well-known figures from the media and politics.


#UseTheNews playbook

How do young people in Germany find out about news and how can contemporary news services be developed for Generation Z?

In addition to basic information about changing attitudes and usage habits, the playbook offers inspiration and concrete recommendations for the development of new news offerings. It also provides insights into the state of contemporary news literacy education in schools. More than 50 experts share their knowledge in the approximately 150-page playbook. 

It is published by the German Press Agency dpa and the German Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers (BDZV). Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) is supporting the project.


#UseTheNews study

Young people often feel that journalistic news lacks a connection to the reality of their own lives

A nationwide study by the #UseTheNews project reveals a deep information gap among the younger generation: Half of young people do not consider it important to be informed about news and current events. At the same time, they are significantly less informed than their peers who regularly use journalistic news sources. However, journalistic offerings are still only one of many sources of information used.

These are the findings of the #UseTheNews study "News Usage and News Literacy in the Digital Age," initiated by dpa and the Hamburg Authority for Culture and Media. The study was conducted by the Leibniz Institute for Media Research. 


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