dpa is the independent agency for professional news services.

We offer multi-media services for the classical newspaper but also for corporate publications and online portals.

dpa Newsroom

Newswire Services

News coverage in form of text is our core business. With our international text services we inform you reliably, fast and comprehensively about the top news of the day.

Our editors provide you with background information, interviews, quotes and stories.



Interactive Graphics, Liveticker and Multimedia Packages

Big sports and political events of international relevance are captured in dpa's live applications: What's the situation like on-site? What's the story behind? dpa delivers texts, pictures and graphics directly from the scene.

For the daily reporting dpa offers multimedia news packages. Around 80 digital packages consisting of texts and related images.



With our extensive photo network via national news agency partners we provide premium news photos for international print and online publications.


Syndication Services

As one of the world's leading international agencies dpa maintains four editorially independent but closely linked networks of bureaux, correspondents and staff around the globe. Commercial and strategic cooperation agreements with national and international partners complement these operations, leading to a merging of strengths from which customers benefit.