International Services

dpa reporters in over 90 countries worldwide produce the international wire services of dpa in German, English, Spanish and Arabic.

As an international agency, dpa reports worldwide from own sources. The services are coordinated by our central editorial desk in Berlin as well as the regional editorial desks in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Cairo.

dpa international

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dpa international Spanish

dpa international_Sao Paulo

dpa cooperates with the largest Spanish private news agency, Europa Press, to offer you a powerful multimedia package with up to 300 news per day from Spain, Germany and the world.

dpa international Arabic

dpa international Arabic_Moschee

dpa's central editorial desk in Cairo with foreign correspondents in the Arab capitals and the PAA produce a tailored service for Arabic language subscribers in the Middle East, with around 220 news items per day.

dpa international in German - Europadienst

Angela Merkel with the flags of Germany and Europe

dpa is the leading provider of German-language news material in Europe and worldwide. Among its subscribers are daily newspapers, radio and television broadcasters, governmental organizations, ministries, Internet portals and websites and not least Europe's leading news agencies.