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News, analysis, backgrounders from Brussels for decision makers in politics and finance

dpa Insight EU is an information service which focuses on European Union topics and is tailor-made for clients who make decisions in politics and finance. The information service is broad in scope, offering thematic, up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest developments taking place in Brussels and the European Union member states. Special attention is given to German positions within the EU along with the activities of German representatives in Brussels.

On weekdays dpa Insight EU subscribers receive the newsletter “Daily Briefing” which contains news, analysis and background articles on the day’s major EU topics. The newsletter is available in German and English and can be read on all devices - whether you are sitting in the office or at a work station, using a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

Content is reliable, concise and compact and is backed by the latest information on the Insight EU portal together with pictures, graphics and dates to watch. The service includes archive access to more than 70,000 documents going back to 2011.

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