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dpa international provides clear and unbiased coverage of the world’s biggest news stories. Headquartered in Germany, we offer an independent European perspective. Our journalists report from more than 100 countries for clients all around the world in the media, business and governance. 

Clear comprehensive and focused: This is what our international service stands for. The English service dpa international is part of the worldwide network of the dpa group. Around 100 correspondents contribute to the service, which distributes around-the-clock news, features and analyses in politics, sports, general news, entertainment, economy, and other areas. The international service's most important clients include more than 100 international and national news agencies, newspapers and news portals on several continents. Government and private sector institutions also drawdpa international content.

The editorial staff is led by Ivonne Marschall out of Berlin. dpa has reported in English since 1957 with its own employees from around the entire world.


"Fast and effective: dpa correspondents report from all the hot spots of the world."
Ivonne Marschall, Managing Editor dpa international

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Simple, compact and cost effective

Our daily basic news package for international media: dpa top stories includes pictures and delivers all the essential worldwide news.

dpa’s experienced journalists at our world desks in Berlin and Sydney whittle down the daily flood of news to the main stories. Not only traditional media but also smaller online portals or app providers find the service helpful. dpa top stories is an ideal newsline for readers who are looking for fast and short mobile information on their news apps or personal news sites.

dpa top stories combines text with pictures: Media professionals know that a story needs images to grab their readers‘ attention.In today´s news overflow we offer strong pictures taken by professional news photographers world wide.

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