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dpa's central editorial desk in Madrid and regional editorial desk in Buenos Aires – Native Spanish speaking correspondents in all Latin American capitals, major U.S. cities and across Europe produce up to 200 news items per day.

dpa internacional provides up-to-the-minute coverage of global events and caters principally to the needs and interests of the Spanish-speaking world. The news is comprehensive and includes all the classic categories of politics, finance, sport, culture and entertainment .

The service is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and by close customer links. The head office of the service is located in Madrid and from here the flow of news is coordinated and distributed in tandem with an editorial office in Buenos Aires. The news gathering network is comprised of correspondents in the key Latin American capitals along with their counterparts in major European and North American cities.

dpa internacional provides an extensive reporting portfolio, consisting of roundups, in-depth research pieces, background material, chronologies, portraits, interviews, extended feature articles and analyses.

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