International sports

Live reporting, results and background: With our coverage of big international sports events we provide our clients with professional editorial content


The international sports coverage by dpa is well-known and appreciated by sports editors worldwide

Calling on 50 years of experience in covering sport, dpa is the first port of call for international sport. With a network of sports correspondents in 22 countries, dpa guarantees comprehensive coverage of international sporting events.


SportsLive - Watch the game on the internet while it's happening

dpa SportsLive combines interactive sports graphics with the expertise of Germany's leading news agency.

Live-tickers, analytic graphics and statistics are an ideal complement to in-house-produced editorial content. Our interactive sports graphics are the iedal partner to accompany you through the major national and international events and capture all key moments in live-tickers. Form and content can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and can be integrated seamlessly into the look and feel of your website.

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