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The world of sports is full of emotions and brings people together

dpa offers comprehensive coverage of all the big international competitions for your newspapers and your websites: Football, Formula 1, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Golf, Handball, Cycling, Tennis, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Athletics, Swimming - the different categories are offered in top news, analyses, background, results and picture galleries.

Our sports offer covers all the major competitions in different categories

Big international sports events


Live reporting, results and background – with our coverage of the most important international sports events we provide you with all the editorial content you need. dpa covers World Cups, Olympics and other big competitions for print, online and mobile with our wide range of products.

Via our world wide network of sports journalists we make sure that the main international competitions on the pitches, in the swimming pools and on the ski jumps are followed and covered in all classical news agency formats.

On the ball with dpa


With an extensive network of correspondents dpa offers comprehensive coverage of Europe's top leagues - in England, Spain, Italy and Germany. Our reporters in England, Spain, Italy among many more provide news, features, previews and match roundups from the Premier League, Primera Division and Serie A. dpa's coverage from its home-field the Bundesliga is second to none.

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Marion Struck

Director International Sales