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The dpa group of companies

Marketplace for editorial offices, media houses and communication professionals

The dpa group is a provider of services and solutions for the entire media and communications industry: digital services for editorial offices, customized photo services, business news, IT services and services that support press relations and communications. The group's core company is dpa GmbH.

The dpa group generated sales of 165 million euros in 2022 and employs a total of around 1,322 people worldwide.

You can download an overview of the dpa group here .


dpa-infocom specializes in multimedia information services for the digital market - online editorial offices, platforms and other digital publishers.

As a bridge between editorial staff and technology, dpa-infocom GmbH combines the basic formats of the dpa group into "ready-to-publish" products and makes them available in modern formats via programming interfaces (APIs).

Live graphics and comprehensive data products and services, for example on German and international elections, sports data, curation services and teletexts, independent fact checks and interactive graphics complete the portfolio. dpa trends & features is also part of dpa-infocom.


dpa-AFX delivers real-time financial and economic news in German and English. A global network ensures independent and reliable reporting on international financial and economic events.

dpa-AFX Wirtschaftsnachrichten GmbH delivers news to banks, financial service providers and the media, who in turn provide their customers and employees with financial news via the Internet, intranets or terminal solutions. The services of dpa-AFX are available via platforms such as Teletrader, Bloomberg and others. dpa-AFX is the market leader among German-language financial and media portals on the Internet.


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