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Projects and initiatives


Conspiracy myths and targeted disinformation campaigns pose major challenges for the media. As an independent news agency and joint venture of the German media, we see it as our task to establish and communicate standards in the field of fact-checking.

European Newsroom

The European Newsroom (enr) is a cooperation project between news agencies from all over Europe. The participating agencies have opportunities for training, further education and the joint development of journalistic standards. Through the enr, the European agencies are given equal access to information, paving the way for comprehensive and diverse reporting across national borders.

#UseTheNews – news literacy in the digital age

How do young people in Germany find out about news and how can contemporary news services be developed for Generation Z? With the #UseTheNews project, media organizations and media research institutes are getting to grips with changes in news usage and developing new information services specifically for the under 30s.

Trust Project

The German Press Agency is setting an example for quality journalism on the Internet and supports the international initiative "The Trust Project." dpa is working with media companies, online platforms, and universities, to better identify and highlight credible journalism on the web.

Participants include The Washington Post, The Economist, La Stampa and La Repubblica, Zeit Online, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.