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Together against disinformation

The Russian war against Ukraine, the Corona pandemic and migration along with conspiracy myths and targeted disinformation campaigns pose the media with major new challenges. Lies and misconceptions are widespread and these have the potential to divide society and endanger democracy.

As an independent news agency and joint venture of the German media, we see it as our task to establish and communicate standards in the fact-checking field. Our goal is to advance the fact-checking format journalistically and thus counteract the worrying social developments.

We have an independent editorial fact check team which examines potentially false allegations and produces professional fact checks. The editorial team decides on publication itself - without editorial influence from outside.

A strong team

We are a 30-strong editorial team - one of the largest fact-checking teams in the German-speaking world.

A lot of experience

We have published more than 5,000 fact checks in three languages and are constantly learning.

Certified quality

Our editorial team is a certified member of the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN).

How we work

Our independent fact check editorial team specifically takes care of possible false allegations and creates professional fact checks. The editorial team decides on the publication itself - without outside editorial influence.

Questions and answers about fact checks at dpa

Getting in touch with the dpa fact check team

Have you come across a claim about something in the public interest that you think the Deutsche Presse-Agentur should be examining by conducting a fact check? If this topical issue is important to you, do not hesitate to contact us at the following mail address:


In order to do this the following information is essential

  • What is the topic and what is the claim about?

  • Who made the claim (please provide a link to a public document/website/video/post)?

  • Please answer specifically: Why do you think this claim is so relevant nationally that it warrants dpa investigation?

  • What impact would it have in your view if dpa did not carry a fact check on the proposed topic?

Please note: Opinions and subjective claims are generally out of bounds for dpa fact checks. We can only check claims that can be verified or may have been falsified - even if the conclusion is often more complex than "right" or "wrong".

Of course, you can also send us tips on any inaccuracies you may suspect in our fact checks and pass on other suggestions by contacting us at faktencheck@dpa.com.

You can also suggest a topic via WhatsApp at +49 160 3476409.