dpa Content on Demand

Custom Content

Because content is king. When it comes to news coverage dpa is renowned for its top-notch journalism and this naturally applies to our tailor-made and other external services produced to suit customer wishes.

Our multimedia approach means we can supply content for almost every format outside our traditional customer base. What could be easier than to consult us for customised services to suit your internal or external communications channels?

This is where dpa-Custom Content can show its strength: Our team of experienced journalists, layout experts and technical staff can produce just the kind of media content your employees and customers are looking for.


Save time and money

Compared to other players dpa has one major advantage: Our journalists have a wealth of experience in all the news genres from politics to consumer advice - and in most cases we already have a database of content which can be adapted to suit your needs.

This saves time and money. When producing material for external clients Custom Content works to the same exacting standards as Germany’s leading news agency. Our coverage is reputable, reliable and legally watertight. Naturally our material can be angled at specific target groups and presentation is always top-class.

Regardless of whether you need content for a staff newsletter, an upcoming Whitepaper or you are planning to relaunch your customer magazine just get in touch with us. We also edit material supplied by our customers.