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Individual video production for internal and external communication

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High-quality image and explanatory videos

The video team of dpa-Custom Content accompanies you from the idea to the finished product. Together with you, we develop the right concept for your film. Even with complex topics, we help you to convey the content in a simple and understandable way.


Whether corporate video, product message or explanatory film for companies, NGOs, political institutions or associations: Our experienced video journalists develop authentic, emotional and high-quality presentations for your channels.

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We pursue a holistic approach

All under one roof: from storyboard to production and distribution.

Professionally qualified team

Experienced video journalists, camera professionals and editors from our international network.

Up to date

State-of-the-art production technology and our own brand new TV studio in Berlin.

Low-barrier and multilingual video products

We produce in German, in all UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish) as well as selected national languages (Farsi, Pashto).

We care about your success

Distribution and video hosting via the high-reach press portal of our subsidiary news aktuell.

Our formats

Explanatory videos

Whether it's products, complex issues or abstract topics that need explaining - dpa's animated explainer videos help you convey your message in an understandable way and anchor it durably in the minds of your target group. Because only what is understood really stays in the memory.

Image clips

We show the story behind your company and give your stakeholders an authentic insight into your philosophy and your everyday business - to create more trust and a closer bond.

Informational and educational videos

Inform, motivate, ensure acceptance. With our information films and learning videos, we report for you in detail on topics that move you and your addressees in a targeted way.

Animated graphics

We put your graphics into motion as a short animation video, for example to explain processes or contexts.

PR articles

Within a journalistically relevant framework, we put companies, institutions, products or exciting topics in the spotlight.


Are you looking for a way to hold your event digitally? We offer you a completely digital livestreaming solution. This enables you to always stay in touch and reach your target groups in a hybrid way.


The European PR agency Tactics, which particularly serves clients at European level from the agricultural sector, is looking for a service provider to produce videos in different languages for PR events and then distribute the video content internationally. We provided live coverage of events in Spain, the USA, France and Germany for Tactics, interviewing participants in several languages and producing footage from the events. The material was then distributed internationally to a wide range of media houses with a large audience. The distribution was done by press release via OTS via newsaktuell. Thanks to dpa's international network, we were able to guarantee reliable, international video production as well as text production. Examples can you see down below.

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