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The Independent European Perspective on News

dpa’s international news service in English provides clear and unbiased coverage of events worldwide with a focus on Germany and Europe. The dpa desks in Berlin and Sydney produce the service around-the-clock relying on dpa’s correspondent network in 55 cities in Germany and more than 90 countries around the globe.
As the biggest German news agency and one of the most important independent news agencies worldwide, dpa stands for reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive news coverage, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
The editorial team is led out of Berlin by Helen Maguire. Since 1957, dpa has reported in English with its own network of correspondents from around the world.

Pro-Palestine demonstration in Ohio (Photo: Fotograf: Stephen Zenner)
Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (Photo: Soeren Stache)
Spain Primera Division - Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid (Photo: Gerard Franco Crespo)
European Commission President press conference in Brussels (Photo: Etienne Ansotte)
Nursing training in Lower Saxony after reform (Photo: Ole Spata)
The DAX curve in the trading hall of Deutsche Börse AG in Frankfurt am Main (Photo: Boris Roessler)

Coverage of events worldwide

With focus on Germany and Europe

With an average daily output of 180 stories, dpa international covers all the usual news categories, from politics and finance to sports, culture and miscellaneous items, offering broad coverage of the European Union, EU membership candidates and the United Kingdom, as well as top news worldwide.


Content partners

Relevant complementary areas are covered with the help of strong international partners, such as dpa-AFX (business and economic news), STATS Perform (sports), Tribune News Service (US news) and PA Media (the United Kingdom and Ireland).

The international service’s clients include national and international news agencies, newspapers, news portals and news apps on several continents. International organizations, government and private-sector institutions also draw on dpa international content.

Feature: New Zealand offers glimpse of life after Covid-19 with crowds, events

Additional services

dpa’s international photo service illustrates the stories on dpa international with high quality news photos from around the world. The international product family is completed by dpa features&trends, widening the thematic scope of the news service by offering illustrated features and up-to-date consumer news.


Additional content

  • dpa Notepad on every news item, providing editorial notes, contact persons and internet links
  • Event schedules
  • Sports results
  • “Weekly News Guide” newsletter with planning information

Technical delivery:

  • webpull via www.dpa-news.de
  • FTP push/pull (plain text, XML NITF 3.0, NewsML G2)
  • API
  • Reuters Connect

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Helen Maguire

Helen Maguire

Managing Editor dpa international
Vicente Poveda

Vicente Poveda

Director International Sales

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