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We produce international news with photos that catch the attention of your readers

dpa's multimedia service offers customized reporting in English, including new digital packages consisting of texts and associated images. Media professionals know that a story needs images to capture readers' attention.

We offer powerful photos from news photographers around the world. The service offers material for all traditional news outlets, including politics and business, general interest, entertainment and sports.


No more time-consuming image searches.

High volume

Up to 40 digital packages every day.


All news segments with a focus on German and European general and sports news, as well as international highlights.

As a privately-owned German agency, dpa guarantees independent reporting, free from external influences. A strong network of around 100 correspondents guarantees comprehensive reporting with a European perspective, around the clock.

  • Up to 40 digital packages every day

  • No more time-consuming image searches

  • All news categories

  • Focus: German/European news and international highlights, including sports

  • Delivery via FTP and Reuters Connect

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Clear, comprehensive and focused

dpa is the market leader in Germany and enjoys a high reputation across Europe. The service is relied upon by more than 100 international and national news agencies, newspapers and news portals.

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