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dpa's central editorial desk in Cairo with foreign correspondents in the Arab capitals and the PAA produce a tailored service for Arabic language subscribers in the Middle East, with around 220 news items per day.

The dpa International Service in Arabic offers tailor-made regional coverage in Arabic from 31 news bureaus in Africa and the Middle East, with a Central Editorial Desk located in Cairo.

The service is built on dpa's successful English world news service dpa international with editorial desks in Berlin and Sydney. It features all classic news agency categories, such as national and international current affairs including politics, finance and economics, sports, general interest issues, entertainment and leisure.

In addition, the Arabic Service strongly benefits from dpa’s German services, covering the complete spectrum of international and national news with an explanatory background on German news affairs.
In-depth reports and expert analyses, complemented by features and background articles, are especially tailored to the needs of dpa's Arabic-language subscribers in the Arab world as well as other regions.

Our strong network of experienced Arabic-language correspondents and stringers in the Arab capitals and in the Palestinian territories guarantees customers expert and balanced reporting on the region, with special expertise for European perspectives on regional issues. Moreover, experienced journalist-translators provide a non-stop stream of quick and up-to-date international news.

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Wael Naguib

Sales Manager
Vicente Poveda

Vicente Poveda

Director International Sales

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