dpa select - Customized, top quality information in real-time.

Your individual news profile

Having key information at your fingertips when you need it can be essential for business success whether you are in the office or on the move.

Our dpa-Select product offers you just that: Tailor-made, seamless content produced to dpa’s exacting standards.

With dpa-Select you can filter world news to focus on the stories and topics relevant to you and your business. The selection is scalable - down to what individual employees and departments need to know.

Customers with dpa-Select find out about things before they even appear on television and radio. At the same time, media departments can see how well their press releases or financial reports have been received by following them via dpa-Select.

You decide what news you want to receive, either in the form of email alerts sent to your inbox, via our customer portal dpa-news, a push-service onto your mobile devices or by using our app.

Whenever and where-ever you want it: your dpa-select profile!


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