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Records, Emotions, Athletes and Fans - We capture all key moments in live-tickers

Our interactive application is the perfect complement to in-house-produced editorial content with engaging, shareable live events. dpa SportsLive boosts your reach and ensures at the same time that users stay on your pages for a longer time.

A text ticker informs in detail and in real time minute by minute of all activity on the pitch or on the track. Statistics and analytic graphics display in-depth information: One glance and your users are in the midst of the activity. Our content management system also allows you to generate your own live ticker.

Form and content can be adjusted to suit colours and fonts to ensure that content blends in seamlessly with the look and feel of your website.

Branding & Sponsoring
Even logos of sponsors or advertisers can be easily integrated in the header of the application. Using individually-designed front pages, prominent areas built into the application or interstitials, partners can transport special promotional campaigns and reach their target audience.


Widgets & Design
Next to the Live-Center the product contains modules which can be used separately as teasers and lead stories. Along with the Live-Center you can order all the components individually and combine them as you wish. This provides a wide range of opportunities to ensure sustainable sports coverage.

Social networks
Benefit from user interaction by combining Twitter and Facebook. With just one click live events and goals can be shared on social networks. SportsLive makes it more than easy: The graphics generates automatically editable messages with the most important facts and a backlink to your website.

Responsive design
dpa-SportsLive is responsive and integrates seamlessly into your website or mobile portal. Mobile-optimised content is perfect for second screeners and consumption on the move.

Smartphone SportsLive

Sportslive is available on your mobile device any time.

  • Liveticker with push-news
  • News, Infographics, Photos
  • Backstage reports
  • Simple integration
Ipad SportsLive

Your digital entrance to the stadium

dpa SportsLive is interactive and integrates different media

  • Comprehensive pre-event coverage
  • TopNews
  • Results and Tables
  • Up-to-date schedules
  • Hot spots

dpa-SportsLive Events

  • Champions League
  • Handball World Cup
  • AFC Asia Cup 2019
  • Premier League
  • Football World Cup 2018
  • Formula 1 Season
  • Winter Olympics
  • Olympic Games in Rio
    Olympic Games
  • Tour de France

    The pack of riders in action during the 5th stage of the 103rd edition of the Tour de France.

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Marion Struck

Marion Struck

Senior Account Manager International Sales