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Easier reading, easier living

Need coverage of the next Apple event? Want to publish more viral stories? Looking to give your readers a break from depressing global news?

dpa trends & features is consumer news, made easy.

With 50+ friendly and fun stories every week, dpa trends & features covers the hottest topics in tech, travel, mobility and lifestyle, as well as easy-to-read tips on food, healthy living, parenting and pets.


What does dpa trends & features provide?

  • Factual and PR-free information
  • 50+ stories a week acompanied by pictures and optional web links
  • Ready to upload to your web-site or to print on your consumer pages and weekend supplements
  • Available categories are Cars & Driving, Digital World, Leisure & Lifestyle, Health & Science, Travel & Events, Lifehacks, Features

dpa trends in brief

New product? We´ll test it.

new model from VW on a auto show

dpa trends & features keeps your readers updated with the latest in tech and mobility

Reviews: dpa is among the first to test hot new smartphones, cars and other products

Events: Tech launch? Major car show? We’ll be there, reporting live

Product news: Fast reports on new games, gadgets and cars as they launch

Woah, that’s really a thing now?

Colourful photo Malaysia

Fashion advice or travel tips – these stories are as fun to read as they are helpful.

Useful: Helpful and practical stories, written for you, the consumer

Easy: Catchy headlines, short and friendly reads – made for sharing online

Weird & Wonderful: Not everything trendy makes sense – we’ll leave you to judge

Have you seen this?

Photo of a laptop

Written for publishers everywhere, dpa trends & features is designed for online success.

How do I...?  Create long-time SEO hits with simple stories that answer questions

Universal: Written for readers around the world – by reporters around the world

Illustrated: All stories come with captioned pictures – ideal for slideshows

What are the topics?

  • Digital World

    • tech and gaming news and reviews on brands like Apple and Samsung
    • exclusive photos from product launches
    • useful tips on smarter tech use

  • Cars & Mobility

    • driverless cars, e-scooters and mobility trends
    • car tests with captioned photos, handy for website slideshows
    • wild features of new car releases

  • Travel & Events

    • reports from the world’s must-visit cities and tourist hotspots
    • illustrated travel features
    • major tourism news

  • Lifestyle & Leisure

    • fashion, interior design and work-life trends
    • pet advice and animal know-how
    • kitchen tips and easy recipes

  • Lifehacks & more

    • evergreen lifehacks for better living
    • countless captioned photos for easy slideshows
    • plenty more fun content, 7 days a week

  • Healthier Living

    • reports from the world’s must-visit cities and tourist hotspots
    • illustrated travel features
    • major tourism news

  • Features

    • illustrated features for travel and international pages
    • exclusive texts which can be stockpiled for use on newspapers' international, entertainment, lifestyle and travel pages

Any questions? Please contact us.

Marion Struck

Director International Sales
Helen Maguire

Helen Maguire

Managing Editor dpa international

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