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Picture Alliance - Global news photos

Our subsidiary dpa Picture Alliance based in Frankfurt/Main is one of the leading photo agencies in Germany and worldwide in the fields of image production, documentation and marketing.

The agency runs a content-portal at picture-alliance.com which offers a diverse selection of 45 million high-quality images, graphics, illustrations and clips from more than 200 partner agencies around the world. The covered subjects range from daily news to sports, entertainment, business, art, nature, travel, lifestyle, wellness and creative stock material. In the historic section more than ten million images in the dpa-archive plus the extensive material of their partners document about 100 years of world events from all aspects of public life.

Picture Alliance - All you need to tell the story

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Images telling the story - the editorial picture

dpa photographers and worldwide partners provide a comprehensive regional and international coverage. dpa-bilderdienst get you up close to all major events in fields of politics, economics, culture, entertainment and sports.


Do you need inspiration? - the creative photo

Whether it be symbolic photos, informative motifs for front pages, or conceptual images for advertising campaigns – our photographers and worldwide partners provide fresh visual ideas for all types of creative projects. Apart from classic stock topics, such as food, people, stills, lifestyle and business, our creative service also offers unusual images, as well as artistic and creative photography.


A journey through time - the historical picture

More than ten million images in the dpa archive and the extensive historic selection offered by our partner agencies bring unforgettable moments from German and world history back to life. Previously unpublished treasures from our archive are digitised for you every day, waiting to be discovered.


Photo assignments worldwide - the photo on demand

Our long-time know-how as a professional photo agency makes us the perfect partner for all kinds of professional photo assignments. Whether it be for documentation, for your media work, communication or stories. The photographers from picture alliance, dpa and our 200 partner agencies produce the photos you need anywhere in the world.

45 million high-quality images, graphics, illustrations and clips from more than 200 partner agencies around the world.

  • epa gallery_terror Malaysia
    Political crises and civil commotions worldwide

    Coverage from all the global trouble spots.

  • epa gallery_catwalk
    International fashion-shows

    New York, Paris, London, Milan.

  • epa gallery_football
    Big sports events

    From Olympics to the Football World Cup or European Championships.

  • epa gallery_Merkel Obama
    Decisive political moments

    Political leaders at the G20 summit.

  • epa gallery_dance
    Arts, Culture and Entertainment photos

    Major dance shows, theater plays or concerts on international stages.

  • epa gallery_flag
    European topics

    Pictures of all the decision makers in Brussels.


Gutleutstrasse 110
60327 Frankfurt
Tel.: +49 69 2716 34770
E-Mail: mail@picture-alliance.com

Andreas Genz

Andreas Genz


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